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In my work, the 'Other' can be a colleague who is making life challenging or can be an 'addiction' or an inner critic. Our relationship to these impacts our quality of life,  As a therapist, my job is to help you navigate those internal and external dynamics.

Couples Counseling West Hollywood


As a marriage and family therapist, I offer couples and relationship-oriented services and work from a Family Systems perspective. Couples therapy is for all types of relationships and can help guide you and your partner toward making lasting, positive changes. If you are experiencing hard times in your relationship, then our work will identify a specific area or areas of concern you have. In the supportive space I offer, we can identify necessary changes that need to be made to help you both create the authentic relationships you want.


Couples in Los Angeles face the same issues as those living elsewhere. With that said, the pace and demands of Los Angles  often seems to put some strain on some relationship issues. Couples in West Hollywood are no different, with the added stress of recent strikes, COVID-19, there are many reasons for added life challenges and negative feelings in a relationship.


Here are some common issues and problems I see in couples therapy, and I offer in-person sessions and telehealth services.


  • Anger and resentment in a partner

  • Depression in a partner

  • Anxiety in a partner

  • Constant arguments and fighting

  • Low sex or no sex

  • Infidelity

  • Loss of trust

  • Difficulty In Communication

  • Emotional Distance

  • Inability to commit

  • Constant blame

  • Inability to forgive


The relationship we have with our caregivers profoundly impacts the way we think, feel, and behave. The connectedness and reactivity we sometimes have in our home system make the functioning of family members interdependent. This type of counseling can help you and your loved one to improve communication, reduce conflict and to generate moments of authentic connection and closeness.

Family Therapy West Hollywood


I love working with same-sex parents or families that identify as LGBTQ+ and understand some of the specific strains that go on inside families. I'd love to talk more if you're considering family therapy.

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