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Anxiety: would you know what it looks and feels like?

Anxiety is a word we throw around a lot these days, yet I’ve been struck by how different it feels for each person who lives with this often crippling disorder.

There are also times when I’ve suggested to people that the symptoms they’re describing sound like anxiety, and it comes as a surprise. Inevitably they’re relieved to be able to put a name to their feelings and it started me thinking about how I'd go about explaining what anxiety feels like to some people. I combined my thoughts with the stunning photos of Jasmine Kate Blanchard who uses her photography to describe her experiences of anxiety.

1.You feel the need to stay in bed, but part of you really wants to go out:

Sometimes finding the energy to go out into the world seems like a monumental task and despite wanting to earlier in the day, when the time comes, you just have to stay in.

2.You’re walking on eggshells (or tiptoes) to stop other people from stressing out.

When you worry constantly about how other people are going to act or react to what you’ve said or done, then anxiety might be present.

3.You find yourself ‘obsessing’ over comments and conversations from others.

Similar to the point above, anxious people might play back the conversation they have with a friend and worry about what they said, or what the friend thought about an innocent comment. It sometimes gets to the point where you cant see or think clearly.

4. You assume that the worst thing that could possibly happen, will happen

If you have noticed that you ‘catastrophize’ or think the worst in every possible situation, then it’s often an indication that your anxiety levels are running high.

5. You put a mask on so that others can’t see what’s really going on with you.

You might have a fear that other's will call you crazy if they knew how much was going on in your head. If there's a fear of opening up to other people about this, then that might also be a sign of anxiety.

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