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Psychoanalysis is not dead.

Oliver at Freud's House Psychoanalysis Therapist

I was shocked to hear recently that there are over 1400 different types of therapy, each offering a range of promises or solutions for a plethora of problems one might face. Most of the newer styles of therapy offer a seductive 'quick fix', and aim at changing behaviors or alleviating symptoms. In this culture of 'likes' and instant gratification, it's easy to see why these forms of therapy are so popular. But while they may provide tools and create space to generate awareness, deeper issues, at the core of our being, are often overlooked.

The central tenant to psychoanalysis, and psychoanalytic type treatments, is helping you become aware of patterns, thoughts and beliefs that you were not previously aware of. Along with this insight, there is an empathic, supportive and non-judgmental relationship with the therapist; the combination of both allows healing to occur and allows access to more choices. Furthermore patterns in relationships become clearer and an understanding of how your mind works forms, benefiting those around you and the quality of your life.

Sigmund Freud was the man behind psychoanalysis and psychodynamic theory, and remains to this day to be a controversial name to bring up over the dinner table. He undoubtedly got a lot of things wrong, he offended many, and had his own demons to battle. However, his contribution to this field is deeply significant, and as my old professor said 'no matter what style of therapy, Freud is always in the room' - without him, non of the 1400 types of therapies would exist.

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Psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic type therapies help people with issues ranging from anxiety and panic attacks, to personality disorders. It helps actors and creative types with inspiration, motivation and being 'stuck' and helps with loneliness connections and to improve relationships. If you are considering therapy, and want to see significant changes and improvement in your life, and you're dedicated to a process of self-discovery, then this is the type of therapy you should consider.

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