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Forgiving: easier said than done:

When we just KNOW that we are right, and someone has wronged us, it's particularly hard to forgive. Especially when the offending party has acted in a selfish, foolish or hurtful way. ⠀⠀

There's two things to consider that help us with forgiveness:


1) The person that needs forgiving arrived in this position to hurt us through their own personal journey that delivered them into our lives like this. The journey they've been on has probably been incredibly hard, riddled with deficiencies in love and role modeling. They have acted in a way that caused us pain, because their path lead them into these patterns of behaviors, not because they chose it.⠀⠀

2) The bad news here is that we are all flawed and fallible human beings. No one in this world has had a life with every single need met, and without falling or stumbling, and that means you. This means that somewhere along the line you've accidentally hurt or irritated someone too. ⠀⠀

You've also likely been forgiven too... so cry those tears, learn from your mistakes, forgive and let go.

You'll be a stronger, better person for it.

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