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The Psychology Of The Destination


If we are lucky enough to travel beyond the borders of our every day life, do we ever actually pause to think about the qualities of our destination?

Each place we travel to has virtues that we are looking for that we think are lacking in our own lives - some places help us think about how lucky we are to have won the lottery of life, other's might help us confront our anxiety or shyness. In my recent travels, I think the destination maybe offered me some much needed peace and serenity.⠀⠀

No matter what we seek in our destinations, we believe that these qualities are actually buried deep inside us... our journey then is in two parts - the first to find the place, the second to recover the qualities we ascribe to it that are inherently within us all along. Dorothy's journey all the way to the Emerald City ended in her realization she had everything she needed: ⠀⠀

“Everything you were looking for was right there with you all along.”⠀⠀

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