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The Psychology Of Success

Success- the psychology of success

The word 'success' is used a lot, particularly with the adolescents I see in my practice. I often start by getting curious about what the word success means to them... and perhaps we should all take a moment to think about what 'success' means to us.

Do we assume it's financial success or success in terms of recognition, fame and status as society is telling us? I have worked with actors and singers some of whom might assume that it is only about this type of success.

If we slow down though, we can remember that success is really just doing something, anything, very well.

It seems to me then that you can have success everyday then - it just depends what you want to be successful at, and if you do that, success can be yours on a daily, or even hourly moment:

Today, I will be successful at listening to me clients.⠀

Today, I will be successful at being empathic.⠀⠀

Today, I will be successful at being a friend.

How will you be successful today?

Oliver Drakeford

Psychotherapy & Life Coaching

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