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The Psychology Of Collaboration

"Real Queens fix each others crowns" - is to me, about the spirit of collaboration- which is, if you think about it, penetrating every aspect of our lives. ⠀ Look at things we take for granted, like wikipedia or to the #resistmarch - through to grabbing an Uber and the gig economy. If you think about it, we are slowly leaning into the idea of 'community' and coming together to improve the world. Embracing the idea of collaboration is partly to do with equipping yourself for effectiveness, for problem solving and innovation, it's also about seeing - really seeing - that we don't live isolated lonely lives, we are not alone. ⠀ We are living in a connected world - lean in and love it. And help fix some crowns this weekend.⠀ Also.... Happy Pride Month #LGBTPrideMonth #lgbtqpridemonth

Oliver Drakeford - Addiction Therapist, Group Therapist.

Group Therapy, Addiction Therapy, Adult Therapy

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