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The Psychology Of Heartbreak

Heartbreak is literally one of the most agonizing experiences of the human condition.... yet it can be a source of creativity if you let it. If we learn to funnel our energy and emotional pain into a creative project, as simple as it may be, we are, at the least, distracting ourselves from the pain.

At the same time the insight and emotional awareness the pain might be causing, actually stimulates amazing pieces of art. Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine says "contentment is a creativity killer"

Oliver Drakeford Therapy : #morethanOKla

There's so much more hope and potential when we come from a place of creativity; we have choices even when it doesn't feel like it, and no matter what the circumstances of our heart ache. And as always, if those options are too big, and overwhelming, there's one simple action we can always take: "breathe deep".

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