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The Psychology of The Lobster

Without some pressure, we wouldn't get results.

In fact in therapy, we often say that when we feel the most uncomfortable or under the most pressure with the work we are doing, thats is EXACTLY when the magic starts happening.

It's a bit like being a lobster:

A lobster is a soft mushy creature with a hard, and rigid exoskeleton. The shell, doesn't grow, so the lobster has to get larger by casting off old ones and growing bigger ones.

So if you think about it, the lobster becomes really tight and starts feeling the pressure every so often when it's time to shed off the old shell and grow a new one. Over time, this same feeling will occur again, and so the lobster knows to grow a new shell and cast off the old one. ​The point of the story is the the pressure the lobster feels is a signal that it's growing.... similarly when we feel pressure in therapy, it's a good thing.

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