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The Psychology of Learning

As we look back on our lives, it seems that we all have had both teachers - and people who have taught us lessons. ⠀

when the student is ready the teacher will appear oliver drakeford morethanokla

Sometimes these lessons were very hard for us to understand, sometimes they were painful lessons. But in every one's life, there comes a point, when you realize that the lesson that you've needed to learn has been understood, and you move on. It could be a job, a relationship or, even a career- where we think we're doing the right thing, but slowly we realize that we were just being taught a valuable lesson, and at this point, we can move on. ⠀ And when we are able to move on, a new lesson and new teacher will appear, but understanding the moment to leave sometimes needs the help of a friend or therapist.

What's the lesson you are being taught right now?⠀ #morethanOKla

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