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The Psychology of Yoda

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Taking action is an important part of our lives, especially right now in the current political climate and it's easy to read that Yoda means that you either do something 100% or you don't. It could be read that if you don't succeed, there's not point. But, in the movie, Yoda is addressing a state of mind that Luke Skywalker had about using The Force on his X-wing. Luke started out with the assumption that his task couldn’t be done, that he would fail. ⠀ If your mind is occupied with thinking about failure , then it’s not thinking about creating a solution... it's not focused on possibility, ingenuity or adaptability. The chances of succeeding then are limited. Sometimes, when we are in these mindsets, it doesn't matter how hard we try, things will never get done. ⠀ So think about what are you ‘trying’ to accomplish in your life right now for a second and make sure your mindset aligned with your goals. When you're thinking positively, when you're being creative and believe you can - then, I think Yoda would tell you that the force is with you.

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