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Psychoanalysis and Adolescent Depression.

A recent government funded study in the UK found that psychoanalytic therapy was just as effective as treating depressionas CBT and more contemporary treatments.

Psychoanalysis has evolved in the many years since Freud, but has slipped out of favor in light of the promise of a quick fix and even medication.

Granted not everyone is interested in self-reflection and the burden of multiple therapy visits a week (not to mention the cost). However I can't help but think what the world would be like if we encouraged the adolescents that are curious about themselves and the unconscious to explore analysis as an option.

Would the world be a happier, better place if a generation grew up curious about their behaviors and the behaviors of others? Would deeper understanding of the way we work as an individual help the environment or international peace efforts? If grieving of childhood pain and the safe expression of emotions were encouraged, rather than suppressed, would we have more empathy and understanding with each other as a culture?

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