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Family Therapy in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

Even when your children, and particularly your teens, push you away, they still need the support and love from parents and care-givers.

In my experience as a family therapist, a commitment to family therapy from you is one of the most loving, supportive and transformative decisions you can make to show up for them.

Family therapy is a unique and specialized approach to changing family dynamics and impacting the family unit, and is often faster and more effective than individual therapy. Often, family communication is complicated or confused; we often don't say what we mean or feel, and often let things go unsaid. When this happens, we often slip into patterns of behavior or roles within the family that are difficult to get out of.

Located in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area, I work as a family therapist and help with the complicated process of healing family issues, in a judgment free and supportive environment.

Family therapy can help you find relief from current conflicts and can often generate deep moments of connection and affection between your family members.

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Photo by Adam Sherez on Unsplash

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