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Presenting at AGPA Connect 2019

Thrilled to announce that our proposal for a workshop at the annual American Group Psychotherapy Association 2019 was accepted.

My colleagues Cindy Weathers and Evan Perlo will be presenting our thoughts on "Utilizing Attachment Theory in Multifamily Groups in an Adolescent Residential Treatment Center" to an esteemed and international gathering of Group Psychotherapists.

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Evan Perlo, AMFT, Cindy Weathers, LMFT, CGP, Oliver Drakeford LMFT

For those familiar with our Multifamily Groups, we will be entertaining attendees with some theory, some experiential group process and of course, our infamous icebreaker games such as

'So You Think You Can ... Use 'I' Statements'


'America's Next Top ... Therapist'.

AGPA Connect is designed for clinicians, as well as mental health workers, psychiatric residents and graduate students in mental health degree programs. It is composed of two major sections: the Institute and the Conference. This year the theme of the conference is "Building Bridges of Connection Through Group"

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