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Top Five Reasons for Why You Should Journal

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A journal is an obvious place to store important information, record quotes or sayings that give us a break from our cell phones, but they are also a proven psychological l tool to help

in our own self-reflection and growth.

I often assign writing homework to the clients I see in therapy. No matter if they are in family therapy, or individual therapy, and adult or I'm doing therapy with a Beverly Hills High School student, writing is always helpful.

I ask clients in family therapy to pay attention to the process in the family interactions, rather than the content. When someone in the family sees the pattern of behaviors as well as the specific details of the argument, it's often a sign of growth.

Individual clients are assigned writing homework and reflect on patterns of procrastination, dreams and or incidents in the week that they feel are pivotal to our conversations.

Even if you're not in therapy, writing is an incredible tool - give it a try and stand by for some awesome journal writing prompts I'm working on.

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