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Modern Analytic Group Therapy, Beverly Hills.

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I am even more excited to be starting a process group with Evan Perlo on Tuesday nights after our fantastic weekend in New York having been accepted into a three year training program in Modern Group Analysis.

Modern Group Analysis views the group itself as the instrument of change, and enhances the leader's function by providing skills and interventions aimed at removing blocks members have against the free and open communication of feelings and thoughts to each other. Groups facilitated by Modern Group Analysts emphasize the emotional nature of relationships rather than insight alone, making intimacy and connection a goal of the group.

The Center for Group Studies in New York provides a unique method of group training and utilizes the teachings developed by Dr. Louis Ormont. This weekend was the first of nine weekends of experiential training, lectures and workshops in order to become certified Modern Group Analysts.

Dr. Ormont developed his theory over many decades of work, and trained thousands of therapists to help them shift the focus of the group from the leader to the group. His method minimizes the leader-centered approach and encourages therapists to minimize doing individual work in the group setting. Training in Modern Group also enables therapists to expand their own emotional repertoire, to enhance their abilities to work with transference, countertransference, resistance and aggression. By increasing the capacity to tolerate and verbalize emotion, new energy can be liberated for intimate connection and personal growth.

In addition to understanding the dynamic theory behind the techniques we are taught, the training helps us to bring out the best engagement in group members to use and recognize and their wide spectrum of feelings, including aggressive ones in constructive ways. The result is often profound, feelings of connection and closeness are present along with insight and awareness.

If you have any interest in joining a process group, or in Modern Analytic Group Therapy, please feel free to connect.

Oliver Drakeford is a Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles. Group Therapist is also provided in the Beverly Hills / West Hollywood area.

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