Family Counseling in West Hollywood.


As a family therapist, I believe our families profoundly impact the way we think, feel and behave. The connectedness and reactivity we sometimes have in our family system can make the functioning of family members interdependent. This means that a change in one person’s functioning is predictably followed by reciprocal changes in the functioning of others. Looking at the family in family therapy as an emotional unit, helps us make dynamic and real time changes in individuals as well as the system as a whole. 



Communication & Family Therapy.

At the foundation of all our relationships is the ability to communicate effectively. When we are able to express our thoughts, feelings and ideas about each other, to each other, in a way that is understood by the other, we start to feel closer and more connected. In families, this need to be understood and connected is becoming increasingly important in a world fragmented with social media and pressure to succeed.


However, 'Communication Skills 101' classes are rarely taught in schools and colleges and are, in general, lacking from our list of educational priorities. As a result we have a tendency to pick up some bad habits which limit our ability to encourage communication from others. Without realizing it, we are often guilty of stifling what is exchanged in our conversations, which can lead to some dysfunction in our family and close relationships. For healthy communication in the family to be restored, it's fundamental ensure that every person is heard, understood and valued.

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Family therapy is often a new experience for parents and teenagers and it's natural to feel anxious or nervous before your first session. 

Particularly in the first several sessions, we will try to understand the different dynamics within the family, the history of family members and any important traumas or illnesses. From there, we will work together to understand goals, problem areas and dynamics that need improving. 

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During family therapy, we will create a comfortable place for difficult conversations to take place, and it’s often from these conversations among family that some of the most powerful transformations can take place. 
What families tend to learn during family counseling sessions are is that true connection and closeness comes from working through our difficult feelings with vulnerability and compassion.


Many of the families I work with, have trouble communicating effectively.  If one member of the family is struggling with a mental health issue or an addiction, it’s common for communication to be further stunted.

Learning how to communicate more clearly and more respectfully can help avoid the bad feelings that go along with fighting and arguing and helps the entire family start to feel better.