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Family Therapy in Los Angeles: Parents and T(w)eens

I'm a family therapist and I work with parents of teens and tweens in Los Angeles who need help with:



How Does Family Therapy Work?

Our family relationships are some of the most important we will ever have, so it's natural to be uncertain about trying family therapy. 

Unlike one-on-one relationship counseling, which addresses the whole family and encompasses parents, children, couples, and any other close relatives who play a role in the structure, family counseling is more similar to couples therapy and might feel like group therapy at times, too. For this type of therapy to be effective, the participation and collaboration of all family members is usually essential.

After creating a safe space, I'll be working hard to understand specific relationship issues that are getting in the way of you having healthy family relationships, and we'll create personal goals and a treatment plan that works for you. 

As a family counselor with ten years of experience working with families, I have seen that the best therapist can get results with a family in areas such as


  • Enhancing communication skills

  • Rebuilding or strengthening trust among members

  • Cultivating unity and connection

  • Encouraging teamwork and collaboration

  • Understanding mental health issues such as anxiety and depression

  • Facilitating discussions about challenging life events or transitions

  • Depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.

  • Equipping individuals with coping mechanisms for dealing with personal stressors.

  • Family Conflict

  • Substance Use Disorder


If you're concerned about your family, that perhaps its reaching breaking point, or you're worried about substance use or have more common concerns, book a consultation call with me, and we can decide together if there are new ways of thinking about the problem and if you think I am going to be a good fit. I'm happy to give you other ideas for licensed marriage and family therapists too.

Family Therapy Sessions With Me 

I'm the former Clinical Director of an Adolescent Residential Treatment Programs in Malibu, Los Angeles County and I worked in residential treatment for over five years.


I have extensive experience in family therapy, having worked with hundreds of families and young adults over the years. While it's technically in the title of every Marriage and Family Therapist in your area, the amount of experience and training each of us has varies incredibly. I look at the entire family system as a whole and explore the family unit as it interacts. I help understand the relationship problem and the root cause and identify the specific needs of each family to provide an individualized experience for each family.


The therapy process me will involve me trying to find a common ground with everyone in the session to build a safe environment for everyone, especially if it's their first time in therapy. I will try to understand the family structure which is important as it contributes to healthy relationships in a teen or young adult. I'll be looking at communication styles and how people connect, especially between the parent or older generation and younger generation.  Effective communication one of the valuable tools we need in life and is a goal of family therapy and an important family dynamic to understand. I will likely be curious as well as how conflict is handled and if there is work to be done on conflict resolution. I'll assess for substance abuse if that's a concern too.

My office is in the middle of the Los Angeles area on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, and I can provide in-person therapy services as well as virtual sessions. 

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Family Therapy: Service


This type of therapy is often a new experience for parents and teenagers and it's natural to feel anxious or nervous before your first session. 

Particularly in the first several sessions, we will try to understand the different dynamics, the history of other members and any important traumas or illnesses. From there, we will work together to understand goals, problem areas and dynamics that need improving. 

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Many of the families I work with, have trouble communicating effectively.  If one member of your tribe is struggling with a mental health issue or an addiction, it’s common for communication to be further stunted.

Learning how to communicate more clearly and more respectfully can help avoid the bad feelings that go along with fighting and arguing and helps the entire family start to feel better. 

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