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Group Therapist

What is Group Therapy? 

Group Therapy is a cost effective, evidence based form of therapy that can be a powerful addition to individual therapy, or a transformative stand alone therapeutic service. A therapy group often consists of between 6-8 people who meet regularly. Group members differ from group to group, but generally, each person is looking to enhance and improve their relationships.

One of the most helpful ways a group can increase insight in that area is by helping each other find out what gets in the way of being in an optimal relationship. In the decades that group therapy has been studied, we see that what blocks us from living a more authentic and fulfilled life, is frequently related to our experiences in the first group we ever join - our family.  A long term therapy group recreates, on some level, the dynamics that occurred in our family of origin. Group therapy is a parallel to family therapy, in that similar dynamics show up. . With the help of a trained group and family therapist, we have the chance to examine, heal, work-through and move on from the things that block us from being in an optimal relationship and stop us from living our most successful, fulfilled life. 

If you are looking for a therapy group in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills area, please contact me.



Finding a group therapist in Los Angeles who has the additional experience and training needed to run a process group is important. I am a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) which attests to being an expert in group therapy, and that I have undertaken additional training to meet national standards for providing group psychotherapy

In 2017, I was the recipient of the Donald T. Brown Memorial Scholarship Award for Group Therapy from The Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health which gave me an exceptional experience and education in modern group therapy. I continue my training in group therapy and was recently accepted to study Modern Group Analysis at The Center for Group Studies in New York.

I run groups at an adolescent treatment center in Malibu, where specialize in family therapy, and am the Lead Group and Family Therapist. I also run the large format, Multifamily Group on family day. I am actively involved in the group therapy community, and will teach and talk about group regularly, I also serve on the board of directors for GPALA (Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles). 

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Therapy Groups In West Hollywood

Please connect if you are interested in joining a process group. 

Focusing on emotional communication, rather than intellectual understanding, this process group is ideal for those looking to resolve obstacles in the way of intimacy, and connection.


Group therapy promotes growth of the authentic self provides the skills needed for new, deeper forms of emotional connection.


Modern Analytic Theory drives this group and  presents members an exceptionally effective model of treatment that has goals and theoretical underpinnings designed to fulfill the emotional and relationship needs we all need and strive for in today's society. 

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Group Therapy is an incredible tool that can help alleviate some of the symptoms that bring people to therapy.

Anxiety, depression, disconnection, grief and relationship problems are all addressed in group.

To find out how group therapy might help you, feel free to email or call to find out more from me. 

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