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An Experienced Therapist In West Hollywood

Oliver Drakeford is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who practices in the heart of West Hollywood. A former Clinical Director and skilled therapist with experience running residential treatment centers and as a professor teaching graduate-level psychology students, Oliver's centrally located private practice on Santa Monica Blvd, is dedicated to providing compassionate, individualized therapy tailored to the unique needs of Los Angeles, West Hollywood and the LGBTQ+ community. 

If you're looking for a verified and experienced Therapist in West Hollywood or Los Angeles, welcome. Your mental health is my priority:


I believe that we thrive when our relationships with our Self, Others and our Family are all balanced and successful.

Therapy with me is collaborative, individualized, insight-oriented, emotionally driven, and focused specifically to you. If you are going to invest in anything for yourself, invest in high-quality therapy,  and your future 'you' will thank you.


What I Can Help With:


  • Do you experience difficulty quieting your mind?

  • Is finding peace from constant thoughts sound like a distant dream?

  • Does the stress of life prevent you from slowing down and finding calm?

  • Do you find yourself overthinking and doubting every decision you make?


Living with anxiety can often make it feel like you're trapped in a never-ending cycle.

Your thoughts are constantly racing and anticipating the worst possible outcomes. Consequently, you may find yourself avoiding situations that could potentially cause stress, even when they could be beneficial.

It's totally understandable that the mere thought of seeking help and speaking with someone like a therapist can generate anxiety. So I understand that clicking on the 'schedule a call' button and talking to a therapist can be quite intimidating, but talking really does help.


  • Has depression taken away all your energy and motivation?

  • Does it feel like you're just going through the motions of life and care less about important things?

  • Are you struggling with apathy, numbness, and a lack of motivation?

  • Do you feel like you're merely surviving instead of truly living?

  • Perhaps you've been spending more time alone at home and withdrawing from friends and family?

Despite wanting to engage in all the West Hollywood social activities and to have fun, you likely have no energy to do so. Even the simplest tasks may appear insurmountable. Getting out of bed may seem impossible, much less calling a therapist. Maybe you've considered seeing a depression therapist but worry that you won't have the motivation to work through your struggles. Depression makes you want to curl up and procrastinate on all your responsibilities. It creates a lack of enthusiasm for every aspect of your life, especially the thought of seeing a therapist. It makes you desire to stay in bed all day, avoiding work, hobbies, and social interactions. However, the more you isolate yourself, the worse you feel, perpetuating a cycle of loneliness and hopelessness. If you want to regain the energy to engage in activities you love and start feeling like yourself again, I encourage you to reach out to my West Hollywood office, therapists like myself can really make a change.  

Addiction & Substances

  • Are you finding that you're drinking/using more and you can't stick to your own rules about how much and how often?

  • Does the thought of AA and Sobriety sound absurd?

  • Are you concerned that your substance use is looking a lot like what you saw in your childhood?

  • Are you constantly struggling with a desire to drink/use and a wish or dream not to have to?

  • Does living in West Hollywood or LA contribute to your substance using and make the monitoring or management of how much and how often harder?

Substance use disorders, including substance abuse and addiction, are baffling and confusing; despite our determination not to use or misuse, we somehow end up regretting our decisions. I work with clients to treat and understand the emotional causes of substance use, including process addictions like porn and sex, and my approach and the result can often be surprising to my clients. The root causes can come from trauma but also from difficulty accessing and releasing certain feelings that come up in our day-to-day lives. 


Does your marriage or relationship feel stagnant?

Are you longing for a relationship, but they don't seem to last?

Are you and your significant person struggling to understand each other?

Does intimacy and vulnerability in a relationship seem unreachable?

Do you feel like you just can’t get through to your partner, no matter how hard you try?

Are you searching for a more united connection?


Maybe every conversation is riddled with misunderstanding., or dating in West Hollywood / LA is just impossible. Every argument turns into a shouting match. Or perhaps you’re not fighting all the time, but your relationship feels dead. We are wired for connection and social engagement, and at the same time, relationships are so complicated. Talking to a therapist is a great idea if any of this connects with you. Therapists like myself are able to spot unhelpful patterns around connecting and communicating that need some change. Skills and tools are really helpful, but how you use them and the emotional issues that arise without them also need to be addressed in a therapy session. 

More About Me:

  • ​When I am not in my private practice in West Hollywood, I occasionally moonlight as an adjunct Professor, teaching newer counselors about group processes, therapeutic relationships, and Family Systems.

  • I was the Clinical Director of a treatment center in Malibu for many years and built and designed the entire program from the ground up.

  • I enjoy helping people from a diverse range of clients, from all over the city, in particular with families, couples, and adults, using an insight-oriented approach.

  • As well as providing individual counseling for adults, I enjoy working with couples in marriage counseling and working with an entire family.

  • I provide services in my office and also offer counseling using an online platform in manner of betterhelp.

  • I can easily provide referrals to a psychiatrist or psychologist and EMDR therapists for more support if needed.

  • I have sessions available during the week, and evenings.

  • You can use our free 15-minute consultation call to ask questions, and to find out more information about me, other therapists you could talk to , mental health professionals,, and psychologists, as well as fee and schedule.


8702 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA, 90069


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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