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A Good Teacher Can Change Everything.

A good education can change anyone, but a good teacher can change anything.

GPALA announced this weekend at their annual Summer Party, their plan to launch The Nancy Fawcett Memorial Scholarship Fund, after an incredible teacher, and member of the group psychotherapy community. I was honored to be able to say a few words about what an incredible impact Nancy had on my career, and my life.

Oliver Drakeford - GPALA - Group Therapy Nancy Fawcett Memorial Speech

From the first week of PSY-551A, Nancy exuded a passion for group therapy that was impossible not to feel. It was in her class that I learned the compassion, strength and dignity that makes a great therapist. She opened her home up for an extra class when term was over and in doing so, showed a generosity and warmth towards us both as her students but also as future clinicians.

Nancy told me to introduce myself to Michael Frank, my supervisor at the Maple Center, who hired me to run my first process group. She introduced me to AGPA and GPALA - two organizations that provided me with some of the incredible training I've experienced since graduating.

Because of Nancy Fawcett, I have met some incredible people, been to some mind-blowing trainings, and connected deeply and intimately with colleagues, peers and friends.

Thank you for touching my heart, and opening my mind, and changing everything. I'm deeply moved that her name can continue to influence new therapists in the way she impacted me.

Nancy Fawcett Group Therapy by Oliver Drakeford

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