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Therapist Holiday Gifts for 2023

If you're looking for gifts for a therapist or your therapist, check these ideas out:

Therapist's Feelings Wheel Mug - $8.99 on Etsy

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your therapist or a friend who happens to be a therapist? Look no further! In this blog post, we have compiled a list of exciting and useful gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on their face. Whether you want to show your appreciation or simply want to surprise them with something special, we have got you covered. Discover unique and thoughtful gifts that will resonate with therapists and help them enhance their professional practice. So, let's dive in and explore these amazing gift ideas for therapists!

Can I Buy My Therapist A Gift?

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to buy your therapist a gift. Giving a gift can be a meaningful way to show your appreciation for the work they do and the impact they have on your life.

BUT, and this is the important part....

  • Expect that your therapist will want to 'process' what it is, and why you got them it. If a client got me a gift I would be asking them all kinds of questions about the feelings behind it before I accepted it. I would want to make sure where it's coming from.

  • In most cases, you already pay your therapist, so a very large or expensive present probably won't be appropriate and your therapist might not accept it. This is especially true if you're struggling financially and your therapists knows about your financial situation and it becomes an ethical issue to accept big or expensive gifrts.

  • The gift should be small and a token gesture - or even just a card with a personalized message. Something handmade would also be appreciated and a heartfelt gesture too, stay away from big gifts like spa treatments or shirts and t-shirts.

  • Some therapists or counselors will have their own rules about accepting anything from clients, so be prepared for that. Their own rules about accepting things is very different from their rules about you buying them a gift. It may seem like semantics, but you are free to buy a gift, it's on the therapist whether they accept it or not

What type of gift might I buy for a therapist that is appropriate?

If you're going to get a gift this holiday season, finding the right type for someone who has played a significant role in your mental health and personal development can be both challenging and meaningful.

When it comes to gifting your therapist, it's important to choose something that reflects your gratitude and appreciation for their professional support without breaking the bank. To help you make a thoughtful choice, we've compiled a source list of gift ideas that are bound to touch their heart and show how much their guidance has meant to you.

A Therapist Mug or Mug Warmer - this could be a great idea, especially if your therapist is always sipping on a cup of tea or coffee, think of the color mugs they already have and go from there. You could also consider a travel tumbler or insulated beverage mug with lid too.

Keychain - a keychain is a simple and affordable gift idea for a client to buy a mental health therapist.

Note Book- therapists have to write a lot of notes, so a simple journal or notepad could be a practical and useful gift.

Chocolates or Flowers- might also be an obvious choice, but who doesn't love candy and plants around the holidays?

Ornaments - a Christmas ornament or decorations could be a simple and affordable gift that says thank you

Room Freshener - some therapits like to give their office a quick spritz between sessions, so perhaps some lavender candles or sage scented things could work?

Christmas Cards for Therapists

- a heartfelt and personalized Christmas card can be a simple yet meaningful gift to show your appreciation. You can write a thoughtful message expressing how their guidance and support have made a positive impact on your life.

Gift certificates for self-care

- consider giving your therapist a gift certificate for a massage, spa treatment, or a wellness activity like yoga or meditation classes. This shows that you value their well-being and recognize the importance of self-care in their profession.

Books or professional resources

- if you know your therapist's interests or areas of expertise, consider gifting them a book related to their field. It could be a self-help book, a new release in psychology, or a professional resource that can enhance their practice.

Artwork or handmade crafts

- if you have artistic skills or enjoy crafting, consider creating a personalized piece of artwork or a handmade craft for your therapist. It could be a painting, a sculpture, or even a knitted item. This shows your creativity and effort in expressing your gratitude.

Donation in their name

- if your therapist is passionate about a certain cause or charity, consider making a donation in their name. This not only shows your appreciation but also supports a cause that is meaningful to them.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a gift that reflects your gratitude and appreciation for your therapist's support. It's not about the price or extravagance of the gift, but rather the thought and sentiment behind it. Take the time to consider their interests, needs,

Therapy Is A Gift

Therapy is a gift that can truly transform lives. The support, guidance, and understanding provided by therapists can make a positive impact on our mental and emotional well-being. As the holiday season approaches, it's a wonderful opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude to these incredible professionals who have helped us navigate the challenges and complexities of life.

Choosing the perfect gift for your therapist doesn't have to be daunting. It's the thought and sentiment behind the gift that truly matters. Here are some ideas to help you find a meaningful gift that reflects your gratitude:

1. Chocolates or Flowers: While it may seem like a cliché, chocolates or flowers can still be a delightful and appreciated gesture. Who doesn't love a sweet treat or a beautiful bouquet to brighten their day?

2. Ornaments: A Christmas ornament or decorations can be a simple and affordable gift that says thank you. It can be a lovely reminder of the impact your therapist has had on your life, especially during the holiday season.

3. Room Freshener: Some therapists like to create a calming and pleasant atmosphere in their offices. Consider giving them some lavender candles or sage-scented room fresheners. It's a thoughtful gift that shows you care about their work environment.

4. Christmas Cards for Therapists: A heartfelt and personalized Christmas card can be a simple yet meaningful gift to show your appreciation. Take the time to write a thoughtful message expressing how their guidance and support have made a positive impact on your life


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