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70 Percent of Musicians Say They Have Suffered From Anxiety or Depression.

In a report from the UK released in 2016, a staggering 71 percent of respondents in the music industry believed they had suffered from panic attacks and/or high levels of anxiety, while a significantly high 69 percent reported they had suffered from depression.

This comes as no surprise to those who have some experience in the music industry- it highlights the familiar and intense love-hate relationship artists and executives have in this field. The struggle of balancing the two competing sides of 'art' and 'business', or 'entertainment' and 'money' is a constant source of stress.

Furthermore, artists in my experience, have further pressures to live up to the expectations of fans, record labels and themselves. While the demands on those that work in the industry come from an ever changing and shrinking market that consumes music in radically different ways.

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Most alarming to me is that in this survey, just less than 60 percent of those respondents in the music industry who reported struggling with mental health, depression or anxiety did not receive any therapeutic services. And 53 percent reported that it was difficult to find help.

With this in mind, it's important to continue the conversation around mental health, and to make resources available to those in and out of the music industry who are struggling.

Please feel free to connect with me if you are concerned about someone you know.

Oliver Drakeford is a licensed marriage and family therapist with experience working with artists. Office is located in Beverly Hills. 262 509 0210. LMFT # 104987

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